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We are a member of High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps and thus our guests have the opportunity to join the attractive programme of the Nature Park.

The Nature Park stretches from about 1.000 m above sea level to 3.509 m over all the altitude leveles of the Central Alps. Depending on different factors just as altitude, exposure, geology or historical origin of individual sites the visitor will find different habitats as well as animal and plant species. Due to the vertical extent of the High Alps Nature Park the number of habitats, the flora and fauna is very large. Glaciers cover a considerable part of the Nature Park and have shaped the landscape from time immemorial. In addition to natural factors also the human being shapes today's natural and cultural landscape. His life and farming practices can be read in the landscape and create, especially in the Alps, a varying and romantic mountainous region.

The High Alps Nature Park offers a variety of opportunities for recreation. Either active in sports when hiking, climbing, mountain biking or delightful, unhurried on long walks through gorgeous and varied Nature Park landscape. Experience the features and secrets of the Nature Park on one of our tours in the summer programme. You will be enchanted by the glittering world of minerals, adventurous stories from the time of poachers and smugglers or romantic torchlight hikes.

Visit the new information centre in the mountain village Ginzling or the current exhibition Nature Park!


The range of guided hikes is wide - for the young and the old, there is something for everyone!
The tours vary in length (half a day, whole day) and deal with different topics just as cultural landscape, botany, geology, glacier, mountain forest, which our qualified guides will explain to you in greater detail.
There are special offers for families with children, for example llama trekking or Keilkeller waterfalls.


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